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Upgrade from VERSION 6 to VERSION7.5
If you still have version 6 of PatternMaker, it is possible to upgrade to version 7.5.
The interface of this version has been changed completely; the available tools have been improved and more tools have been added. The programm has become more user-friendly .

Do you want to know what has changed with version 7 of PatternMaker?
Look at "New in version 7" .

You can purchase version 7 with a very nice discount of 75%. You can only upgrade if you have a serialnumber of version 6.
All particulars can be found in the upgrade form. Fill it out and mail it! 


Upgrade to a HIGHER PROGRAMM of PatternMaker
It is possible to upgrade from the DeLuxe version to the Professional or from the Professional to the Grading Studio.
The programms work identically; the higher version gives you more tools, thus more possibilitities.

To compare the different possibilities, look at:   "Software comparison"  

When upgrading to a higher programm you do not pay the full price, but a reduced price.
All information can be found in the the Upgrade form (see up).
When purchasing a higher programm you will receive a new serial number with which you can register again. After registration the extra tools will become available.

If you want more information on upgrading and the possibilities, please contact us.

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