Who we are

Pattern Made 4 You was founded on September 1 in 2006 by Eugenie Naber.  At the same time we acquired the sales activities of Apparel Systems (Thea Botter).
Pattern Made 4 You has become dealer of PatternMaker software in Europe . Our main products are the programms PatternMaker, MacroGen and Pattern collections - special programms to draft patterns by computer.

Right after "sewing my first skirt" I became very enthousiastic about making my own clothing and I decided to take a patterndrafting course. At the non-profit foundations Cuppens-Geurs and Particulier Modevak Onderwijs Nederland I learned to sew and to draw patterns. During the course I stumbled on the pattern drawing programm PatternMaker and immediately understood that this was the future in drafting patterns . Already in 2000 the school allowed the students to draw the patterns with the computer instead of by hand. At this moment the school uses this modern way of pattern drafting very often: the lessons are made with PatternMaker. During the various lessons a laptop and a beamer are used to project the drawings. Unfortunately many colleague pattern drawers still continue to draft by hand.

Since 2001 I have been engaged as freelancer with Apparel Systems helping with fairs, demonstrations and workshops. She is also very active in the development process and the testing of the programms of PatternMaker Software USA. The programm makers in the United States are willing to listen to the ideas of people with sewing knowledge and practical experience and to include these ideas.
It is a lot of fun to contribute to the improvement of the programms to let them correspond to daily practice and to what the user really wants and considers handy. It is a great challenge to make the programms as userfriendly and usefull, so that more professional users such as tailors and designers will abandon drafting by hand.

The past years we have worked to design new pattern collections with the programm MacroGen. With the new MacroGen 4.5 we are able to make custom made patterns with an improved fit. It has taken a lot of testing, sewing and discussions to programm good patterns. We are lucky to have a number of very enthousiast seamstresses. We expect to have our first set of collections very soon.
By offering patterns with a better fit we hope to be able to make more people enthousiastic for a fantastic hobby. Sewing a garment is only fun, if the result fits nicely.

We appreciate your thoughts about our products. We are also of service if you would encounter any problems with downloading, installing or registering

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