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PatternMaker Software has flexible programs developed especially for drafting PATTERNS for garments or for creating Pattern Collections, the predesigned sewing patterns.
There are different versions for the home sewer, the professional pattern maker and for the designer.

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PatternMaker Basic

PatternMaker Basis 7.5

Select a design from a Pattern Collection and enter your measurements. The pattern will be drafted with these measurements. Print the patterns on true scale with your printer.
Is included with every Pattern Collection.

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PatternMaker DeLuxe

PatternMaker de Luxe 7.5

Make patterns on your own measurements by using a Pattern Collection. Edit the patterns with the many tools in the program to the model you want. Print your patterns on real size with your printer.
A special version for the home sewer.

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PatternMaker Professional

PatternMaker Professional 7.5

Make with PatternMaker your own digital patterns , save them and edit them as you wish. You can print your patterns with your printer at home.
An ideal programm for a professional patternmaker!

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PatternMaker GradingStudio

PatternMaker GradeerStudio 7.5

First draft the patterns of your fashion designs.
Then grade your patterns in standard sizes (resizing) and create your own collections, ready for production.
The GradingStudio is specially for designers who want to draft their collection in digital patterns.

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MacroGen 4.5

Create with MacroGen your Pattern Macros , a predesigned pattern of your own design, which can be used in PatternMaker to get made-to-measure patterns. In MacroGen you program your patterns and convert them into a Pattern Macro.
Ideal for creating your made-to-measure patterns

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Combi PatternMaker & MacroGen

Combinatie PMP 7.5 & MG 4.5

The combination is ideal for programming your fashion designs in MacroGen into a Pattern Macro and testing and editing it in PatternMaker Professional. Using the Pattern Macro in PatternMaker a made-to-measure pattern is drafted.
For tailors\designers who want to create and sell made-to-measure garments or patterns.

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Pattern collections

A PATTERN COLLECTION consists of predesigned models, the Pattern Macros, to draw made-to-measure patterns.
You can print these sewing patterns on real size with the free Basic version or a higher version of PatternMaker.

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Women 1

Women 1

This collection Women 1 consists of a women's basic wardrobe of eight pieces, with which you can put together a complete clothing set. Thanks to the many style choices, you can always make a different piece of clothing. Free with PatternMaker de Luxe or higher.

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Super Jassen

The pattern collection SuperJackets offers a various amount of jackets and blouses to sew.
With the many ease options and the various other style options it is possible to sew very different garments again and again.

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Super Pantalons

The pattern collection SuperPants consists of several different pants models with all kinds of style options.
You will create another pants model over and over.

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Super Rokken

The pattern collection SuperSkirts  has all kind of different skirt models to make a modern skirt model. Every skirt model has also several style options to choose from.
You can sew over and over a different skirt model in fashion.

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In the Lingerie collection you can choose out of 6 lingerie models for sewing your own made-to-measure foundation garments. The patterns are drafted based on own body measurements, combined with specific additional lingerie measurements.  
With english sewing instructions.

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Sport & Outdoor

The Pattern Collection Sportswear contains several sportwear models for men and women.
You can choose from three shirts, three jackets and four pants models with a varity of style options.

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Update PatternMaker 7.5.2 build 3
Pattern Made 4 You

Pattern Made 4 You

has become dealer of PatternMaker software in Europe .
Since 1994 PatternMaker Software is developing all kinds of pattern drafting software for sewing patterns or for creating predesigned macros for Made-to-Measure patterns. Our main products are the programms PatternMaker, MacroGen and Pattern collections - special programms to draft patterns by computer.

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