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The Lingerie Collection

of the designer Leena consists of 6 basic lingerie models for sewing your own made-to-measure foundation garments. You will find the following models:

  • Bra with underwire
  • Bra without underwire
  • Waist length bra
  • Corset
  • Bodysuit/1-piece swimsuit
  • Panties

The patterns are drafted based on own body measurements, combined with specific additional lingerie measurements.   
A Lingerie manual gives instructions for measuring the lingerie measurements, sewing the models and additional changes of the patterns.

PatternMaker Basice is free included to be able to use the Pattern Collection, save your measurement tables and print your patterns.
See down for more information about the Basic version

English version 


The costs of the Back-up CD-rom can be calculated when we know your address. We deliver no Back-up CD-rom outside the EU, in that case you can only order a download version.


PatternMaker Basis 7.5

PatternMaker Basic 7.5 EN

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And some more information:

In the lingeriemodels you can select, dependent of the model the cup cut direction you would like: horizontal of vertical.

Together with body measurements the following measurements are important:

  • Schalingfactor horizontal and vertical
  • Cup measurements like wire width, breastheigth up and down, breastwidth, bandheight.
  • Panty measurements e.g. crotchheight front and back, panty heigth front and back
  • Seamallowance

The patterns are drafted based on own body measurements, combined with specific additional lingerie measurements.

A Lingerie manual gives instructions for measuring the lingerie measurements, sewing the models and additional changing of the patterns.

Do you want to edit the patterns a little bit?
See PatternMaker DeLuxe.  With all the editing features you can change the pattern a little to your own liking.
With PatternMaker Professional you have many more possibilities to make the patterns the way you like it especially the Polygon is needed for drafting curves in the pattern..
With some courage and knowledge you can create your own design!

For this collection you need to have PatternMaker 7.5

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