General Conditions

Article 1 Definitions
in these General Conditions the following is meant:
Pattern Made 4 You : Pattern Made 4 You

Bekenlaan 98
3448 XE Woerden

  Tel: +31 (0)6 10455433
  Chamber of Commerce Number : 30218405
VAT Number : NL001303609B33


the person or legal person who has placed an order with Pattern Made 4 You
Product: software and related articles for a pattern drawing system offered by Pattern Made 4 You


Article 2. Offers and agreements
 2.1 All orders, tenders and agreements with Pattern Made 4 You concerning her products and/or services are subject to all the terms and conditions contained in these General Conditions. 
 2.2 The offers and prices on the website do not bind Pattern Made 4 You and are only meant as an invitation to place an order. Pattern Made 4 You is entitled to refuse an order without stating a reason and to connect special conditions to a delivery. 
 2.3 An agreement to deliver a product offered on the website is only affected after payment has been received and Pattern Made 4 You has confirmed the order.  
 2.4 An agreement to deliver a product Pattern Made 4 You in connection with services to be rendered is only affected after an offer has been made based on data supplied by the Customer and after the offer has been signed by the Customer. 
 2.5 Any purchasing or other conditions of the Customer are explicitly rejected.  
Article 3. Price and payment
 3.1 The mentioned prices of the offered products and services are in Euro's including VAT and excluding mailing costs, unless otherwise stated or by written agreement. The total amount due will be stated on the confirmation of order. 
 3.2 Payment can be arranged on-line, by bank/giro transfer or – should this possibility be mentioned in a tender – on receipt of an invoice. 
 3.3 A 30 day term of payment is applicable when paying by invoice. If this term is exceeded, then 1% interest will be charged for every (part of a) month without notification of default is required. 
 3.4 Payment on-line is processed via an approved and protected payment service. Processing and validation of the payment is dealt with on-line. 
 3.5 Pattern Made 4 You is not responsible for any irregularities concerning payments, which occur outside her sphere of influence. 
Article 4. Delivery
 4.1 The delivery of orders based on a tender are processed as mentioned in the offer. 
 4.2 Orders place via the website will be delivered with four workdays after receipt of the payment, unless stated differently in the confirmation of order. 
 4.3 The customer can choose for delivery by electronic mail or by post. 
 4.4 If the customer has chosen for delivery by post, the products will be sent to the delivery address as stated in the order confirmation. 
 4.5 In cases of delivery by downloading, the customer will receive by email the data and passwords necessary to download the software, if possible at the same time the order confirmation is sent. 
 4.6 Pattern Made 4 You does not accepts any responsibility for irregularities or damages caused by the software to other products after delivery of the product by post and/or incorrect installation or saving of the software.  
Article 5. Intellectual ownership
 5.1 The customer only obtains user rights and user authority of the software. All intellectual ownerships are only owned by the designer of the software and these rights should be respected wholly and unconditionally. 
 5.2 Pattern Made 4 You is entitled to take any technical measures to protect the software. 
Article 6. guarantee and complaints
 6.1 Pattern Made 4 You guarantees the reliability of her products and services. 
 6.2 The guarantee of the software will be transferred to the customer (licensee) according to the license conditions of the licenser. 
 6.3 The customer is obliged to inspect the delivered product on receipt. Any defect should be made known in writing not later than within 2 weeks after delivery. 
 6.4 If a product does not comply with the agreement and is returned, Pattern Made 4 You has the choice to replace the product or to reimburse the amount concerned. 
 6.5 Not included in this guarantee are all faults, which occur due of normal usage, not observing the license conditions or regulations in the manual, injudicious or careless use, viruses or other outside influences. 
Article 7. Responsibility.
 7.1 Pattern Made 4 You accepts any legal obligations to damages as far as this derives from article 7.  
 7.2 The total liability of Pattern Made 4 You due to accountable shortcomings in compliance with the agreement is limited to compensation of the damage in first degree to maximum the amount agreed in the apllicable agreement. 
 7.3 Pattern Made 4 You is not liable for the fit due to misapplication of the measuring system and/or applied to other than proportional body measurements and/or incorrect application of the pattern drawing software. 
 7.4 Pattern Made 4 You is not liable for any indirect company damages, including consequence damages, loss in income or missed savings.  
Article 8. Cancellation and time for reflection
 8.1 If the customer for whatever reason does not wish to keep the product which is sent by mail, the product can be sent back within 7 working days after receipt, undamaged and with sealing in tact. Received payments will be reimbursed within 30 days. The customer must pay the costs for returning the product. 
 8.2 Software that has been downloaded cannot be returned.  
Article 9. Orders / communication
 9.1 Pattern Made 4 You is not liable for misunderstandings, tampering, delays or for not well received orders and communications due to the use of the internet of any other means of communication between the customer and Pattern Made 4 You.  
Article 10. Supremacy
 10.1 Should in cases of supremacy Pattern Made 4 You be prevented to deliver according to the agreement, Pattern Made 4 You is allowed to delay execution thereof. The customer in such a case does not have any right to any compensation in damages or other costs.  
 10.2 Supremacy also includes delays or shortcomings in obligations of suppliers of Pattern Made 4 You  
Article 11. privacy and security
 11.1 The customer agrees to processing of his personal data.
 11.2 Pattern Made 4 You will process the personal data of the customer according to the applicable privacy laws and the privacy declaration as published on her website.  
Article 12. Applicable law
 12.1 The Dutch law is applicable on all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these terms of agreement apply. 
 12.2 Any issue between parties will only be place before the competent judge in the Netherlands.