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Basic 7.5 EN



Would you like to sew your own clothes again?

Select a design from a Pattern Collection  and start right away. 

  • Select a design from a Pattern Collection.
  • Make a choice out of all the style options.
  • Enter your measurements.
  • The pattern based on your measurements will be drafted on your screen.
  • Your own A4-printer can print the pattern on true scale.
  • Paste the pages together using the print marks.
  • Cut the pattern pieces.
  • And you can start sewing.


PatternMaker Basic V7.5 is necessary to run a Pattern Collection. Patternmaker Basic is included with every Pattern Collection to enable you to run the Pattern Collection and print the pattern on true scale. 
A separate order is not necessary! 

PatternMaker Basis is an english program with an english manual.

Request Demo PatternMaker Basic

Use this form to request a free demo of PatternMaker Basic.
Fill in your name and email address and send in your request.

E-mail address:

With PatternMaker Basic you can:

  • run a Pattern Collection to make a pattern on your measurements.
  • save and open patterns
  • create measuretables
  • arranging parts of the pattern on the paper by moving and rotating them.
  • print patterns on (true) scale using any Windows compatible printer
  • print on pages or on bannerpaper (in columns)
  • paste the pages together using the print marks

Try the free patterns (lady's pants, bodice and various collars) that are included in the Basic version

See how easy it is to draft a made-to-measure pattern

PatternMaker Basic is automatically included with every pattern collection. 
There are no other drawing or editing tools in PatternMaker Basic to change or edit the patterns.
If you would like to to edit the patterns or to draft patterns yourself, look at the Pattern Collection  or higher.

When you install PatternMaker it will work as the Basic version.
You do not have to register it, unless you have purchased a higher version of the program. 

Download the demo and try the program ! 


System Requirements:

For PatternMaker 7.5 your computer needs the following requirements:

  • Windows Vista/Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Pentium III processor mhz
  • 512 MB internal memory (recommended is 1024 MB whith drawing and editing in PatternMaker)
  • 50 MB free space
  • Internetconnection
  • CD-rom player (when no download)

PatternMaker is a Windows programm. It can only be used at a MAC computer with a converter programm like Parallels, WINE or Play-on-Mac

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