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Combination PatternMaker & MacroGen EN

€ 794,00

Do you want to create made-to-measure patterns?

In his combiproduct you will find both PatternMaker Professional and MacroGen, an ideal combination for creating predesigned made-to-measure patterns of your designs.
Ideal for designers who want to create and sell made-to-measure patterns.
Included are:

  • MacroGen 4.5: The program to make your predesigned patterns and convert into a Pattern Macro. While creating your Pattern Macro you test it constantly, switching over to PatternMaker. You can also edit your pattern macro very easy in PatternMaker.
    De gecreëerde macro kan geopend worden in iedere versie van PatternMaker en tekent dan een patroon op de ingegeven maten.
  • PatternMaker Professional 7.5: the pattern drafting program to:
    - draft your patterns from scratch or
    - open a predesigned Pattern Macro created with MacroGen and draft a made-to-measure pattern. PatternMaker is also needed with the creation of your Pattern Macro, because while programming in MacroGen you constantly switch to PatternMaker to test the macro and edit the pattern.
  • The Pattern Collection Women 1 of the designer Leena .

In this special offer you will receive both programs at once with an attractive discount.



Women 1

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System Requirements:

For PatternMaker 7.5 and MacroGen 4.5 your computer needs the following requirements:

  • Windows Windows 7 / 8 / 10
  • Dual processor(recommended)
  • 1024 MB internal memory
  • 60 MB free space
  • Internetconnection
  • CD-rom player (when no download)

Both programms are Windows programms. They can only be used at a MAC computer with a converter programm like Parallels, WINE or Play-on-Mac.

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